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Star with making poi, and going throw to the cutting edge of the poi world! Online Poi Lesson support you all about poi spinning!!

First of all, thank you all the people who are worried about us in Japan after the massive earthquake and Tsunami. We all Japanese do appreciate the support from all over the world. Charity online lessons are now open and we are waiting for your requests untill April 2012. We make lesson videos which you request, and its all for free. Charity Lesson How it works 1. Make Requests "I want to learn 5bt weave! " "Can you show me how to connect xxxx and ***** ?" "I want to know the move at 2:00 in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=db8mT7IUyi video !" Make requests for poi or contact juggling lessons like above. you can make comment as a request on youtube or Poicommunity Forums. Watch our performance video first, and you can tell us which move you want to try. Yuta's Video Okotanpe's Video Make requests on Youtube Make requests on Forums 3. Release Lesson Videos We make lesson vidoes which have more requests. Yuta will make poi, Okotanpe will make Contact juggling lessons. If we have more teacheres, there will be more varieties. Left Okotanpe / Right Yuta 3. If you like it? Do something for the victims! If the video helped you, please do something for the victims. It can be small amount of your pocket money, or just buy some thing from the region of the victim for helping there economical situation. I put more information about how you can help below. How we can help? 4. Show the moves you got ! If you got the moves from the lesson, please show it to your friends ! And if people get interested in it, please let them know about this charity lessons.

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