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Poicommunity is the community website which is run by Poi artist Yuta.
This community website is build with Yuta's poi informations and the informatins post by poicommunity users. Once you signed up poicommunity, you can do things like below!


Join Poi Friends

Post your gathering, group, place where you practice. It will be shown on poicommunity friends, and categorized place. You will probably can meet cool poispinners around you!

Post Events

Post event on Poi Evennt section. You can put photos and videos (from youtube) ont your entry, advertise your event gorgeously and get more people come to your event!

Post Lessons

Post your lesson and share your skills with the world! Any kind of lesson can be post, not only poi, juggling, but anything.
*You need to upload video to Youtube first.

Post Your Video

Videos of performance, artwork, or even "I just learnt this trick, look at me!" videos can be post! Share your videos with the world!
*You need to upload video to Youtube first.

Download videos

You can download official poicommunity videos which posted by Yuta. It's all free, amazing!
You can even bring the videos out with iPod! It's already encorded for iPod. Yuta is the man!

Add to your favorite list

Add to favorite list

You can add the entries to your favorite list. You can check your favorite entries on your profile page after voting.

Profile Page


You can have your profile page. You can check your post, comments, favorite, etc... on profile the profile page.
You can set your icon photo, videos, bios on your profile

Everyone can visit your profile, so make it nice and advertise your self to the world!

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