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Ignis Pixel Poi
High definition, and lighter pixel programmable poi. 
Very well made easy use software support you to creat specutacular show.
It is a bit blue / green white balanced LED so you need adjust white balance with photoshop kind software.
You can use 3% coupon code "yutapoi74395" until June.30.2015. This code also will give some commission to Yuta.

November 12, 2014

A1 & Graphic Series by A-Technologies

A Technologies from Slovakia's new generaton LED product for professionals!

A1 Series : You can program colors, fades, strobes as you wish!
Graphic Series : You can draw 24 x 240 pixel pictures in the air!

You can make programs in yoru computer using special software and install it via usb cable into the poi or staff. Rechageable battery inside, charging by connecting usb to usb charger like iPad's charger.

It gets better and more stayble poi than when its first launched, and also price get much cheaper.

The way making program is still not very easy and poi is heavy, it is not perfect yet. But ATechnologies taking your feedbacks into the poi and it gets better and better every time.

Igor from A Technologies said that they are going to release the community place on their website or facebook, so users can share ideas, programs and maybe creatign better software each others. I belive that it will make great future of led poi performance.

If you are interested in making new shows, or dreaming about led show with programable poi, A1 & Pixel graphic poi is the one you should to try! Let's make new poi shows together!

There is a detail information on poiblog, in Japanese though :P

January 31, 2014


The world best LED Poi has been released finally  !

I started spinning led street light as a poi 8 years ago, and I have been playing a lot of LED poi till now.
I can say this poi is the best ever and everyone says so!!

There are many great LED pois in the world, but this pod poi has special quality that no one has.

Flowtoys has amazing sence of the color and pattern of LED light, podpoi has 13 modes and they all super lovely. None of them are ugly. It is possible to make bright LED light these days but it is very difficult to chose the right color combinations.
Sean and Prisna has such a amazing eyes and they have been working on the colors since they released flowlight.

As we all know all of the flowlights are beautiful and their experience and passion are all into the Podpoi. So it ofcourse becomes beautiful led poi.

And the weigh balance is just perfect. Flowtoys are not only led toy maker, but they love spin poi ! So they know what is the right weigh and how they spin.

LED light unit is rechargeable via micro usb and it last at least 6 hours and most of modes last more than 10 hours which allow you to play poi all night long!

The best thing is they keep price low with this amazing qaality!!
This is the special gift to all flow community in the world. I guarantee that you love it !


February 1, 2013

Flowlight Spectrum

Multi Color Flowlight!

Beautiful and Super Bright rainbow leds.
All the modes with rainbow, wow! I know many people like more colors ;)

All the mode are with super bright mode and still battery runs around 7hours.
I will definately keep a set for my flowlight collections:)

November 1, 2012

Flowlight GREEN

Sean and Prisna showed me when I visited flowspace 2012 Spring and I totally forgot about it, but they finally released beautifull GREEN flowlight!!
All the different kind of 3 Green led is just beatiful like nature green in forest!

This poi is not only beautifull but also born of a mission to raise awareness on responsible e-waste recycling. To help minimize the impact of electronic products on our world! Such a beautiful ideas!

Flowtoys will donate 10% of all green flowlight sales to e-Stewards, a non-profit doing awesome work to reduce toxic e-waste. Orders of green flowlights also come with a beautiful visionary art postcard by Geo Atherton. You can learn about e-waste from the backside of the post cared, there are informations about it.

---- information by flowtoys ---

Three luscious shades of green! The green flowlight is the latest special edition flowlight - bright, beautiful and born of a mission to raise awareness on responsible e-waste recycling. 

The world's appetite for electronics is growing and with it, a mountain of electronic "e-waste" and related health, social and environmental problems are piling up. Most "recycled" e-waste is shipped to China, India and Africa, where lower environmental standards and cheap labor make e-waste disposal more profitable, but less responsible. 

To help minimize the impact of electronic products on our world, Flowtoys will donate 10% of all green flowlight sales to e-Stewards, a non-profit doing awesome work to reduce toxic e-waste. Each order of green flowlights also comes with a beautiful visionary art postcard by Geo Atherton.

November 1, 2012

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