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About World Poi Clock

For all poi spinners!


World poi clock is made by videos which is post by poi spinners around the world.

Advanced crazy poi spinners, beginners who start poi today, everyone can join and all the entry are going to make our own community better !

5sec change the world!

Poiclock isn't just fun to watch.
If you join, futre of poi community will be changed by you!


1 To make poi more popular

Video runs 24 hous with nice and happy music.
Everyone keep watching even if they don't know about poi.
Poi is difficult to explain, but better show it. This is the thing every one knows.

Poiclock is a great tool to let people know about poi.

Poiclock can be embeded like youtube.
So it's spreading poi around the world.

2 Connect poi community

Worldpoi clock is made by all the spinners around the world. You may find great spinners who lives in the other side of the world. People may find you who does'k knon about your country.

All the entries has the informations about the performers, so you can contact them via internet.

World poi clock connect poicommunities all around the world.

3 Glow Poi community

All the videos in the poi clock can be wathced in poiclock website.
You can write down details about routine, video, every thing in the entry. If more entry comes, worlld poi clock will be better Poidatabase.


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