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EJC 2011

European Juggling Convention 2011

European Juggling Convention is one of the biggest Juggling Convention in the world. These videos are filmed in Germany 2011, enjoy the special juggling version of Poiclock.


If you would like to set the clock widget on your website, you can use the embed code.

How to use

0. CLOCK Click the icon of the clock you want to use.
1. Local Time choose the city and the time you want to use as a clock.
2. Size Choose the size.
3. Music Choose default setting of the music on or off.
4. Click [ SET EMBED CODE ] to publish HTML CODE.
5. Click Preview to watch the clock widget.
6. Copy the code and paste the website you want to set.

Make your own Clock

You can download whole system of the Clokc widget.
Visit download page and find the way to use, make your own clock !

POICLOCK System Download

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