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i used a mirror to see where the lights are , and i counted only for the right arm like this[and down and up] while the left arm followed, so when the right arm was down , the left arm had to be up and the [and] was for back and front arm position---so, you have to count in that way that each time you finish a complete rotation with the arm, you have to be in the same spot(down) with arm and counting[down]--thus the move will get sincronized with the other arm that should follow. all of the above is for spinning the poi forwards, arm going backwards
if you are about to spin the poi backwards, and the arm goes forwards , you have to count [ and up and down] , so when you say [up] the right arm (or left arm, depending which is better for you) has to be up all the time in the same spot for each arm rotation-- the other arm will follow (is down).
you need a mirror !!! you have to count!!! if you get the moves unsincronized -it means that a arm is going too fast or you complete one circle(the complete rotation of a arm) in a tempo and the next circle you do with the same arm is slower or faster (tempo)


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