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[ POICLOCK ] Horizontal Mills with Glow Poi

Mookie - Malaysia


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How to

This move is one of the rhythmic gymnastic club technique called horizontal mills. It's sorta like making horizontal figure 8's over and under your arm. First, practice one circle over the arm and stop. Then, one circle under the arm and stop. Continuously, circle once over the arm, once under the arm and stop. Finally, perform the Figure 8's continuously many times without stopping. Practice the Figure 8's circling inward as well as outward with each hand. This is a progression to horizontal mills. You will want to shorten the cord so that it does not hit your face XD


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oh no... I don't understand what happened but it can't be viewed so here is the link? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tTyX3k8AWB4&feature=plcp

tq :)

Thanks! I didn't see your comment but I fixed it. Thank you for sharing your poi video!

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