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A1 Poi and Graphic Poi

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圧倒的な明るさと、1/1000 秒単位で指定できるプログラムでこれまでに出来なかったショーの構成、演出が可能となったポイパフォーマー待望のプログラムポイ。


スロバキアのA Technologies 社が販売する次世代のパフォーマンス用LEDポイ!

A1 シリーズ : ポイの色・ストロボ・フェード等をプログラムできるポイ
Graphic シリーズ : 指定の画像を表示することが出来るポイ・スタッフ




まだまだプログラムをする際の複雑さやポイが非常に重かったり、完璧なポイではありませんがATechnologies 社はユーザーのフィードバックを反映し、日々ポイを進化させています。



ポイの詳しい情報についてはYutpoi ブログをご覧下さい!


A1 Poi

• RGB LED light strip • Rechargeable Lithium battery (2600 mAh) • Charging through mini USB port • Our software uses the music Timeline for exact setting of the light effects to fit the music • Two independently controlled light fields • Possibility to upload two independently programs First program would serve for performance and then you can have second program extra for free time spinning, or for an event, where is no need for choreographies. • 16 million colours • Battery staying power up to one hour and a half • Weight of 240 g • The body of the tube is made of break resistant polycarbonate • Stand by mode activation through the magnet delivered in a stylish pendant (1 piece included in the packaging) • Starting by the remote control (1 piece included in the packaging) • Synchronisation and compatibility mutual with all products in the series A1 • A1 pois are suitable also for technically demanding spinning!!!

Pixel Graphic Poi

• 48 LED diodes (24 on each side) • Rechargeable Lithium battery (2600 mAh) • Charging through mini USB port or with our Charger • Charger included in the packaging • Battery staying power approx. one hour and a half – up to 2 hours (depending on how much the colour WHITE is used, it has the most energy consumption) • Uploading of images through mini USB port • The images will be uploaded through our software – max. 256 images at one time. The maximum amount of uploading is 100 000 programs. • The editing of images and texts can be made in Photoshop, Gimp or any other software for graphic design. • Timing of images and music is precisely set by the music Timeline • The body of the tube is made of break resistant polycarbonate • One piece weighs 300 gProfessional Pixel Graphicpoi are NOT suitable for technically demanding spinning!!!
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