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2012, Autumn, I went to Slovakia and had amazing experience with super lovely and cool people.

This video quality is far away from that I could ever imagine before.

All the 3 days filming in Slavakia was great experience, and I did performances of 3 of me, and I though I was going to be killed by poi very soon :)

The director, Roman ( SpygerArts) is absolutely amazing guy who is going to be next generation of Spielberg.
The producer of this video works is Igor and Kristina from A-Technologies company. They are so kind and heartful host who made the amazing days in  Slovakia for me. They are really lovely people and I love them.
And big thank you to all the camera crew, stant  crew (it is secret!). I enjoyed photosessions and healing tour to Fantastic Spring  pool places and more of every experience in Slovakia...

My poi vidoe started with the best poi video ever exsist "POI REVOLUTION," and I will do my best for making my 2013 is the best poi year ever too !

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Great show by Pyroterra.

Semifinal show of Got Talent (czech and slovakia)


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One of the best Contact Staff video I have ever seen.

Beautiful body movement and creative choreography.
And the best video editting and filming too. 

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