The first shooting test at YouTube Space Tokyo. Super slow camera Phantom HD shot Poi, Jugglin, Dance in amazing quality.

6 seconds in one shot and take 3 mins to preview! Watching my isolation in 1000fps is not available to show in public, super messy!! Especially 3 beat weave rhythm was terrible. I don't want to say that because of the length of Ignis poi was too long, but just practice again 3 beat weave after 10 years poi days. :P

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If I get more than 50,000 followers then I will have a permission to hold poi event in Roppongi Hills Tower, middle of Tokyo where YouTube Space exsixt! So please share and support us :)

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[Performer & Director]

[Pakkun Poi]
遊び場 Green

[Camera and Studio]
Camera : Phantom HD Gold
Shot at YouTube Space Tokyo

Music from Youtube Audio Library
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