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The most amazing moment in the earth. I had fireshows with fire performance friends from all over the world and share the eclipse experience togather!

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After total solar eclipse, leaving kikai island.

Tear almost dropped.

Lovely lovely Kikai island.

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The best experience ever!! Total Solar Eclipse in Japan !!

Kikai Island is one of my favorite place, beautiful places, slow life, lovely people, and amazing sun shine!!

All the fire performer were burned by Kikai sun shine.

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Yuta's workshop in Ukraine East Fire Festival.

It was non poi workshop, and we made some nice choreography :)

They are all happy people ! 

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The first time I visted the Vullcan was in Aprirl 2008.

This place was just awsome, artists are everywhere.

Everyday is so inspiring, especially around Firedrums time, this place is full of amazing spinners!

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Deanne's hoop workshop at Spin Matsuri 2009 in Japan.

Hoop community is so happy atomospher as you can see!

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