Pyroterra made entertainment show with dancers, acrobats. Professional fire show.

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Buggeng is very unique gear which Dai makes.

Here is the introducion from Dai's website.


The Buugeng is revolutionising the visual arts arena; by blending the unusual shape of the spinning device, martial arts movement and meditation (intuitive by nature), it creates a visual kaleidoscope that is astounding to the eye. This unique device produces an infinite number of amazing geometric patterns and optical illusions.
  A device similar to the Buugeng was once used by the amazing Michael Moschen. Inspired by this, Dai Murata combined it with his extraordinary fire-dancing, spinning and juggling skills, leading to the development of the Buugeng. But the Buugeng is more than just a device: it's also a set of techniques, skills and movements combined with the philosophy of ancient martial arts.

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