Ladies of Tech Poi


世界中の女性ポイスピナーのコラボレーション動画です。 偶然にもひな祭りの日に公開されていました。 I hope everyone out there learns some awesome new tech from this video, and, if you're like me, it'll probably make you laugh and cry a bit too. These women represent the dedication and passion it takes to really hone this beautiful art form. Let's give it up for the Ladies of Tech Poi 2014: Merilei Mandelin Smilie Pants Danielle Good Alexis Kubicki Rani Rox Liz Knights Antonia Maerker Chantelle Clark Katya Radul Emily Brumbaugh Memory Elena Barbora Provaznikova Amy Wielickza Reagan Verhoestra Lisa Vuik Juliet Reid Erika Bansen Anna Mattisson Jess Schmid Courtney Bird Melissa Slater Katelyn Dukatz Malin Faisal Tori Johnson Cassaundra Smyth Cassidy Wilson Sonali Rathod Leora Cramer Ivory Rigney Meeshel Emmy