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Poiticipate WORLD POICLOCK Season2 !

WORLD POICLOCK is the Poiticipatory type of POICLOCK made by all the Poi spinners around the world!
Your Poi video will be shown in the WORLD POICLOCK widget and the world will play your video!

All the poi spinners make our own Poi Community more exciting!
Poi masters, Poi beginners, anyone can join, please Poiticipate WORLD POICLOCK!



How to Poiticipate?

Creat an entry on WORLD POICLOCK website. Enter Youtube video URL and descriptions. 10 Entries are maximum per a group.

See also How to creat an etnry

If you make video with higer resolution than 1280 x 720, your video will be on iPhone app in the future maybe?
Please make you video with high resolution.

Check out iPhone App

The Best Vidoe Pirze

The best video will be get the cutest poi in the world "Pakkun POI" as a special prize from Juggling Shop GREEN. The best video will be choosen by Yuta and Juggling Shop GREEEN.
And also the most "Liked" video will be announced as "Most Liked Video!" and you get honor :)

Pakkun POI

* Colors or Pakkun Poi will be changed. Selected by Juggling Shop GREEN.


Post before 30, November 2012


The best videos will be announced on POICLOCK website and Facebook page in early December..


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Host: Yuta

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