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About Poi

Poi spread a new performance art to the world

'Poi' is the Maori word for 'ball' on a cord. Poi is a form of juggling where the balls are swung around the body.

From it's beginnings Poi had the purpose of enhancing dance and rhythm. It was soon realised that Poi swinging had several other benefits from wrist strength, flexability and improving co-ordination to name a few. Mastering simple Poi moves can quickly improve self-esteem and gain respect from others. Hence the reason it quickly becomes addictive. And like all performance arts you are only limited by your imagination. " by Home of Poi"

Borderless Community

You don't need word for the pleasure and beauty of poi. You can make friends from all over the world through "Poi"
Poi Communities are always gathered various people  regardless of age, gender, occupation, and always full of smiles.

You can start Poi today!

The poi is not related to age and borders. No need to buy a special tool to get started.
Anyone can easily get started, but can go far if you want master deeply..

Make, Get Poi

You can make poi with 2 sets of socks!

1. Prepare two sets of socks.

2. Put rolled sock in other sock.

3. Done!

* You can put tennis balls or juggling balls insted of Socks.

Basic Moves

The basic movement is almost the same as skipping rope! Once you get basic moves, play music and dance with poi! Using the brain and body together at the same time, it's so awsome feelings. Once you know the feeling, you can not stop any more! Poi is a great excersice for all ages.

If you want to learn more, visit Poicommunity Online Lesson and you'll find more!

Find Friends

Upcoming training and organization of information is available at Poi Poi community ( mainly for Japanese country) 
If you live abroad the world's largest community site, please see also the board of Home of Poi.

Poicommunity Poi Friends
Home of Poi

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