Chris Kloester - Spain

poi dojo

A quick Autumn spin in a park facing on to the beautiful Alhambra palace here in Granada, Spain.


the first throw is done with the following build up:

fountain - fountain pirouette - extension pirouette - then:
as you hand swings down in extension take the poi behind your back and throw it in a spin straight up and down in the air. unwind by continuing extension pirouette and catch poi in the same place as where you released it (or a sclose as posible).
- swing poi up - dbl outside horizontal stalls - outwards buterfly - dbl outside down stall - Dbl inside butterfly throw.

To do the throw start from the dbl down stall - spin inwards butterfly - keeping hands shoulder width aprart, release poi into the air as they begin their upwards cycle (passing the outside horizontal stall point)- the poi should spin doing 1 full cycle and then the handles will swing back around for you to catch in the opposite hand.

NOTE: it is important with this trick to keep your hands evenly spaced, try and get the poi to rotate symmetrically. i try to keep a centre line which they will cross simultanously at a point somewhere above my head. if you can do this then you need not be able to look at the poi because they will always land in the same place as you are always throwing to the same place.




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Very nice place, I want to visit there!
I like the double inside butterfly throw, beautiful !