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22nd Inokashira Poi gathering.

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Poi interview at JFF2008 & JJF2008

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Poing around the world video interviews!! Germany Frankfurt - Heidelberg are in this video. People told me why they spin poi with nice smiles. Every one has there own reason, but all of us simply love spinin poi and poi people :)

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Poi around the world video project at EJC2008 in Germany, karlsruhe. I'll upload second half of this interview later.

Q1: What's your name, and where are you from?

Q2: Why do you spin poi??

Only these 2 question made such a wonderful video!! You'll be filmed soon!

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I have been filming poi friends during my travel for my video froject which aims to connect and spread poi communities !!

Thi is the first video of P.A.W. which contains full of happy poi spinners and heaps of cool moves.
I keep editing and sharing this video with the world, and each 100 people, I'll make video.
If you think 100 is too many for 1 video, or too short, too long etc.. Pleaes leave your comments.

Next destination is Firedrums!! If you join FD, please find the Japanese Camera Geek!

And also Many of poi spinners ask me to send videos to join my project, but I don't have good idea to edit all vidoes in 1 video. Some of videos maybe HD, but others should be SD or less... So, I'll post about how to join the project later (maybe after firedrums.)

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Super Slo Mo video with EXF-1 Casio EX -F1.

Filmed at Inokashira Poi gathering!

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The video of Flowspace and Kindle Magazines Release Party!

I stayed flowspace for 2 weeksish. that was one of the most amazing time !!

Perfect place for poi practice, morning yoga, eating Prisna's food, meeting lovely spinners, it's just awsome!

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This is the first time we did night time 1000 nin poi!

It was the same music, tjhe same choreography. It was awsome view from outside and even better view from inside !!

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