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First video work with Canon Kiss X3 EOS movie.

Filmed in Shinjuku, Shibuya with Okotanpe

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The best show at jff2009

Double staff performance. Feel his soul!!

camera : canon kiss x3 with 55-250mm f4-5.6

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this is the best of the best!!
Mixing contact juggling and dance.
Feel the show, this is not about tricks but the soul.

camera :

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The best show at JFF2009.
His show is not only about tricks but it touch you really deeply.
I am very proud of his amazing style fire art.

1st of 3 videos

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Poism Performance at JFF2009

This is first time we had a show what we wanted to be.

Entertaining, Poi Choreo, fun dance, fire and darkness.

Many things can be better, but it was worth to try.

We made people smiling so we were very happy too :)


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M1: L'absinthe / Miharu Koshi
M2: AmARANTH(M2) / Manabu Imamura

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JFF2007 winner, KiM!! Enjoy his unique poi world, it'S really great.


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His performance has something we really need. Passion, power, energy. You can have so much inspiration from this performance.

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