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Yuta JFF 2009 The Fire Contest



2nd Place of JFF contest


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hi, mmmm just wanted to say, that i promise to be better now that i saw you, what you do u is art. its a pleasure to know that such a thing can be achieved if u work hard. im mexican and never been on a competition but ill do my best on the street from now on, it would be amasing to know you but i know that migth be difficult, since you must get this kind of letters all the time, but anyway my name is paola larios im on facebook, i hope u live a blessed life, i send my best for ur family too. pao

Hi, my name is Amber. I have watched your video numerous times and am never ceased to be amazed. What I am really writing about is your fuel. I am trying to find a fuel that will light fast and last for a long time but I can't seem to figure out which fuel/mixtures will give me this affect. Anytime I ask the local fire twirlers, they tell me I have to not only join their troupe but sign a contract saying that I won't tell anyone what their fuel consists of. I don't want to join a troupe because this is purely a hobby of mine and I do it for mine and my friends entertainment. If you could help me with my issue I would greatly appreciate it.

Hi Pao,

Than kyou for the comment and thinking of me and family.I am glad that you like this performance :)
I will keep spinning and hope that I can inspire you again next time too !

Hi Amber,
Thank you for your comment.
JFF use GTL (Gus To Liquid)
This fuel is the finest fuel in Japan for fire spinning at the moment. (We believe so)
It doesn't smell like Kerosene but last almost the same as Kerosene. This doesn't make fire quick as white gas, so I don't know if you like this.
Maybe you can ask about fuel at Home of Poi, there are more information in English, and most of member are open to share ideas! If you find any good answer, please share that with us!

Performer YUta
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Muisc Title / Artist la strada Coba
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Event Japan Fire Festival 2009 長野 / Nagano
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