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podpoi ポッドポイ LEDポイ(USB充電可能)



The world best LED Poi has been released finally  !

I started spinning led street light as a poi 8 years ago, and I have been playing a lot of LED poi till now.
I can say this poi is the best ever and everyone says so!!

There are many great LED pois in the world, but this pod poi has special quality that no one has.

Flowtoys has amazing sence of the color and pattern of LED light, podpoi has 13 modes and they all super lovely. None of them are ugly. It is possible to make bright LED light these days but it is very difficult to chose the right color combinations.
Sean and Prisna has such a amazing eyes and they have been working on the colors since they released flowlight.

As we all know all of the flowlights are beautiful and their experience and passion are all into the Podpoi. So it ofcourse becomes beautiful led poi.

And the weigh balance is just perfect. Flowtoys are not only led toy maker, but they love spin poi ! So they know what is the right weigh and how they spin.

LED light unit is rechargeable via micro usb and it last at least 6 hours and most of modes last more than 10 hours which allow you to play poi all night long!

The best thing is they keep price low with this amazing qaality!!
This is the special gift to all flow community in the world. I guarantee that you love it !



  • full color
  • many modes
  • infinitely adjustable
  • bright
  • lasts all night
  • usb rechargeable
  • non-toxic
  • conscious design
  • super durable
  • lifetime warranty

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Home > Poi Goods > Poi > LED POI > podpoi