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LED ヘッドライト



Most of Poi dancer often play in the dark, and find things all the time. You need flash light to play poi in the night!

Home of Poi sells very cheap LED head light which run with AAA buttery. If you use flowlights then you can buy extra AAA buttery for both useage.
I recommend you to buy this head light when you go shopping HOP. 


  • Super bright 12 LED headlamp
  • Size:69×48×47 mm
  • Battery:3×AAA
  • Bulb:12 LEDs with white light source
  • Brightness: 12000-15000 MCD
  • Switch: on/off button switch
  • Material: ABS
  • Function 4 LEDs on, 8 LEDs on, 12 LEDs on, 12 LEDs flashing


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Home > Poi Goods > Glows > 12 LED Headlamp