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HoP Pro Dragon staff kit



HoP Pro Dragon staff kit HoP Dragon Staff adapter kit with our very own push button removable spoke design for easy transportation and super fast assembly. The Fire spokes spin fast while the staff spins slow allowing for more grace and ease when doing minimal Steves & Angel Rolls etc A Dragon Staff is based on the Feicha- an ancient Chinese martial art weapon. Sold as a complete kit.

Your benefits

  • Light weight and super tough.
  • HOP designed removable push button Flexible spokes.
  • High Quality materials.

These kits will fit our Standard 19mm diameter Fire staff range and our 22mm diameter Pro contact staff range.
Stainless Steel removable push button spokes.
18 inches of 1.5 inch thick wick per spoke.


  • Our HoP Dragon Staff was inspired by Hungarian fire spinner Gora Krisztian.
  • 875 grams per set.
  • Spoke length 170mm from hub when in use.
  • Hub width 60mm
  • Hub thickness 17mm
  • HoP designed removable push button Spokes.
  • 1.5 inch wicks

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Home > Poi Goods > Staff > Long Staff > HoP Pro Dragon staff kit