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Huge flame, lasting so long, yes it is dangerous!!
I used this poi with Thomas at EJC2010, this poi makes such a beautiful shape of flame and atract audience with blightness and the sound of flame.

We use 3 set of soaked arm guards for safety, you have to do that too.

I recommend this someone who like big fire, yes this is really big.

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  • All firehead hardware is made from heat resistant stainless steel.
  • Head dimensions: 90mm.
  • Heads weight: 300g per pair plus 250g chains.
  • Height: 90mm width, 90mm depth.
  • Eyebolt with double safety lock nuts.
  • Total of 4m of 32mm x 3.2mm long life Kevlar tape AND 8m of 25mm x 1.6mm long life Kevlar tape.
  • Excellent fuel capillary effect.

1個ずつ持っているのがデススターです / 3d Death Stars are used in1 poi routine.

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Home > Poi Goods > Home Of Poi > Fire Poi > 3D Death-Star