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Who makes Poicommunty ?




A poi performer who poiing around the world!! Yuta keep working with poi to exploer the art of poi and spreading the wonderful community of poi friends to the world .
Poicommunity.com is made by Yuta 2005. Yuta decided to make poi community bigger in Japan and connecting our community with the world poi community. Yuta started with studing about HTML and now he got CMS system to organise all the information and his experience, which is Movable type. The huge revolution of poicommunity.com has been finished, it's finally time to be a poi performer again, and I will !!

Special Thanks



Ciao is the web programmer who helps Yuta (who hasn't got aknowledge of web), and feeds Yuta with cheese cakes. If Ciao were not there, Yuta was going to die with internet... Thank you very much!!


POI DVD Filming DAY 1

Dancer Asuka! Thank you always! Asuka helps makign DVD too. Asuka is helping Yuta with typing with her index finger...


こんにちは。サイトを見て質問なんですが、ショップはどこにあるのでしょうか?商品現物を見ることは可能ですか? 名古屋市在住です。 ダンスでポイを使いたいと思ってます。
おはよう , 質問があります。今年には坂野 春奈(はる)か木村 元郁(KiM)か「Japanese Poi Spinners/Girls 2020」と言う名前の動画がすることを考えますか? リチャ - Richee(HOP)

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Home > Who makes Poicommunty ?