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There are vaiety of Poi in the world, for Practice, for Perforamance, for the kisds, and so on, Find your own style !

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A large visual statment can be made by adding comet tails the Poi ball. The tails have the added effect of improving your plane control to prevent the tails tangling. Some of tails be able to remove when you prace moves,

Poi comet tails can be many lengths and shapes.

Poishop: Tails



Very simple, but good for practice. You can enhance the visual impact of the cords with the Sock design.

Since most of socks stretch more or less, it helps you to learn islation or stall moves.

Poishop: Sock Poi



You can also add a comet tail that runs from the handle to the end of the Poi to create a Flag appearance. Poi Flags provide a huge visual statement.

Very butiful to watch, but not good for practicing.

Poishop: Flag

LED Pois


Spectacular swirling light shows for night or indoor spinning. Ideal as a replacement for Fire Poi when Fire is not allowed.

LED (light emitting diodes) provide a very robust and impact resitant light source. LED's also have a life of 50,000+ hours, are very efficient and available as "ultra bright" making them ideal in the making of LED lighted Poi. 
Onlookers are attracted as the floating trail of light chases behind the Poi while you dance.

Thi light trail helps you to clean your poi planes and rythming when you practice in the night time. If you mainly practice poi after work without sun shine, I recomend you to have led poi.

I redommend you to have flowtoys, since they can use AAA rechargable batteries. It last whole night but you don't need be worried about wasting batteries all the time.

Poishop: LED Poi

Fire Poi


For extreme visual impact people usually use Fire. The sight of flames flying around someone as they dance is a real crowd pleaser. 

The Fire Poi head encompases of a wick and an attachment for your chains. There are different materials that can be used as Wicks, however the most common is a KEVLAR ® blended wick. KEVLAR ® wicks can be reused many many times if you look after them. Fire Poi heads can be many styles, shapes and sizes like Cathedral , Monkey Fist andSnake to name a few.

Fire adds a lot of danger to the spinning if you are not prepared and follow all safety proceedures. You should make yourself familiar with the online fire training and safety guides

Poishop: Firepoi

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